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Americast Shipping Disclaimer

Americast takes the utmost care in the packaging of our PreCast Generator Pads so that no damage will occur during transit. Americast loads our pads on the Carrier in perfect order and takes photos to document this. If shipping damage occurs in transit, it shall be the responsibility of the Consignee to file a claim with the Carrier and to follow the Carrier’s procedure so that the Consignee can be reimbursed by the Carrier.

Americast, upon notification of damage, will endeavor to Reship Replacement Pads to the Consignee ASAP. The Consignee must pay for the new shipment.

If pads arrive damaged, please carry out the following actions:

1. Inform the Driver and Contact the Carrier Immediately (All info is on the Bill of Lading [BOL]).

2. Please call me at 772-971-1958.

3. Note Damage on the BOL, preferably in the Presence of the Driver. Make him sign on the BOL confirming the damage.

4. Take photos of the Damaged Pads

5. Americast will provide you a Commercial Invoice which will cover the value of the pads plus shipping.

6. You will submit the above (steps 2–4) BEFORE 30 days to the Carrier for your reimbursement.

7. Your reimbursement can take up to 60 days from the Carrier.

8. Americast, if necessary, will provide you our photos taken at the time of Americast’s loading which documents that the pads were loaded on the Carrier in Good Order.

Americast will ship replacement pads to you upon your request but you must pay for the new order.

**It has been my experience that the Carriers always pay IF procedures are followed; it’s just frustrating to have to wait up to 60 days to get paid.


Charles Pitt CEO